Monday, 26 March 2012

Oh the pain...

Oh wow - I'm sorry I didn't post last month; I admit, I've been a bit lazy...

It's a week before Easter holidays and I can't wait!  It's also only about 5 weeks till Whittington and I'm so excited!  So what's happened to me lately?  Well, first off, I had my toe bent back by a friend during a zombie nerf war 2 sundays ago for Dan's birthday.  To explain, we were zombies being shot at and i lay on top of my boyfriend Gavin as i pretended to die. Sarah was trying to crawl under the barricade on my left, so i moved my foot out of the way for her.  Jack then staggered up behind me and trod on my toe, bending it back.  No-one had any painkillers, so we had to kill the pain with alcohol ... 2 double rum and cokes for me ^_^*

The other accident I had was back in June last year where I was playing rugby on the beach for my friend Jordan's birthday and I tackled Chris all wrong, bending my arm back.  A few weeks ago, I was struggling to even just put clothes on in the morning and so I went to my doctor's who sent me to the hospital to have a splint fitted.  Sadly this means no training for me for the next 6 weeks, or sewing... but never mind.  So boooooooored!!!!

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