Saturday, 16 June 2012

June 2012 ... as I have Nothing Bizzare to Call this Blog!

Told my boyfriend how much I loved him this evening - a bit soppy, but it felt really good :)  He's such a fantastic person and even though I'm so far away from him at the moment, back at home, i know he's always deep in my heart ^_^*

Anyways, onto awesome stuff! - finally moving out of my hell-hole of a flat :D moving in with my awesome friends in August/September to our new house and it's going to be epic! This summer, I'm planning on working for a charity who run a nursary for young kids and disabled kids which sounds like fun.  After coming home as well, I finally recieved my birthday presents from my brother - he got me a DVD (Howl's Moving Castle) which I can't wait to watch and some "plastic squeezy decorators" in otherwords those things you use for piping icing - gonna have a LOT of fun with those as it gives me an excellent excuse to make cakes and biscuits :D ... am trying to loose weight ... i have a horrid feeling the cake won't help ...

ah yeah! about the pain ... so ... I had my splint off :D yeah ... I eventually had it off the week before Whittington, there was so much sewing that in the end, i was getting 4 hrs sleep a night just to finish half of it.  Needless to say, after the first day at show (3 day show in total) I had a terrible breakdown and eventually my friend Laura took me to one side and did yet more sewing with me around the campfire (alone) and taught me a new song :) It was a lovely afternoon and I eventually caught up with my group in the pub several hours later for a quick pint where I'd discovered that Guildford group had single handedly drunk ALL the hobgoblin...

In other news, two of Gavin's best friends got married earlier this year - they'll never read this blog, but i wanted to post "congratulations to Mr and Mrs Townend!" The wedding was in an old medieval hall and the mystery pastry Gavin put down from the menu for me was lovely :D Kirsty looked utterly stunning in her wedding dress and I seem to have made very good friends with her now which is awesome!  Just because it was so lovely, i will post a picture from the wedding for you :)

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