Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Endings, Beginnings and Future Plans......

I ended up telling the truth to my flatmates in the end - well, my boyfriend sat us down (don't tell anyone, but I was really nervous and so had a vodka and lemonade to calm my nerves) and we talked things through.  In the end, we all shook hands on starting a fresh, but things have still been a little awkward these past few days.  I'm trying to socialise with them, but ... I just find it really hard.  I'm trying, bit by bit every day though, even if it's only making a cup of tea and saying hello.

I started playing "Mystery Case Files" the other day and it's really fun!  I know, it's realy sad of me, but my boyfriend's parents were playing it one evening and we - me, my boyfriend, his sister, and their parents - were sat together playing it.  I managed to get 3 of the games for £7!  I have this feeling that in between lectures, it's all I'll be doing now :p

On another note, I'm very excited about this weekend - it's my boyfriend's birthday next monday, and so we decided that since he wouldn't be in Lancaster that particular evening, we would give him a belated celebration.  Of course, celebrating it with no catch would be too easy - instead, I have devised a master plan...I'm hoping he's not reading my blog either this week, otherwise it will give it all away...

Ok, where to start?  My boyfriend's best mate Fran (and possibly his girlfriend) will arrive at the train station for before 5 on friday - I'll then pick him (and maybe her) up from the station and we'll drop his/their stuff off at mine under the bed - then at 5.30, those attending the evening will slip off down to the pub with me and Fran and will wait from 6 onwards at the pub for my lovely Gavin's arrival.

Meanwhile, at 5.30, my good mate Laurence will be left at my flat with my room keys awaiting Gavin - Gavin normally arrives around 6/6.10pm when we will be at the pub.  Laurence will let Gavin into the flat and (since my flatmates are away for the weekend) Gavin will drop his stuff off in my room on the floor (not under the bed for obvious reasons) and will lock up the flat. 

The two of them will then go outside where Laurence will hand him a note and the keys (for handing back to me later) which tells Gavin where to go.  Laurence will then escort him with my message to the pub where, on his arrival, Anu (our mate who works at the pub) will come straight over with a double vodka and coke and if all goes to plan, Gavin will also be greeted with a hug from fran :) Unfortunatly, like most things, it's all reliant on timing - I just hope I don't screw it up...

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