Tuesday, 11 October 2011

A Lovely Change

I've had a really sore throat these last few days, but I've been doing the lemon tea treatment Gavin suggested and it seems to be working - I'm feeling a lot better than I was yesterday :)

Well, I think I want to scream at the moment.  We have to do these online forums for poetry studies by way of assessment and I still have no idea what I'm doing/saying/ or anything for that matter.  I'm just going online, trying to find some sort of evidence that can link to the poem and then posting it.  Fortunatly, I'm hoping that I can do really well in the essays this year and see if that will get my mark up to a 2-1 by the end of this second year.  I only have to make one more post on this week's forum to guarantee at least just passing it.

My bedroom is looking much better since I started tidying it and I have been far more positive around my flatmates today since ... the event.  I think it'll just be a case of them getting used to me and visa versa.  I'm not really one to socialise - I like being on my laptop in my bedroom, where as they like to socialise with each other and chat in the front room - I just tend to potter about the place and that's what makes me who I am.  my door is always open, so if they don't want to come in for a chat, then that's fine by me.  Anyways, I think it's all calming down now - after this weekend when they go home, I think it'll get better - we're all having to knuckle down and do work now anyways.

Laurence is supposed to be coming over tonight with a friend's tunic that I have to repair - somehow, after repairing it once, he's managed to get a spear in the chest and cause yet ANOTHER hole!  I might just say that this is the last time I'll repair it :p

Anyways, on another note, Gray and I went out to get a cup of coffee each at break today and on the way, we saw the most awesome bird ever!  Somehow, it had managed to climb up the side of the wall and was perched on one of the bricks, but on closer inspection, he and I noticed that there was no way that bird could have stayed on!  To honour the bird, he and I decided to call him "spider bird", like spider pig from The Simpsons :p

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