Tuesday, 4 October 2011

I had the Strangest Day!

Well ... today was really weird!

On my way home from uni, a woman came up to me with a springer spaniel asking if it was mine and whether or not I knew whose it was.  It wasn't mine since I'm not allowed animals in my flat and I'd never seen it before.  So I asked her how she found it and she said it had been darting up and down on the road (at rush hour time).  Her young son explained to me that they had 3 of them at home, so his mum was ok making sure it got back to its owner.  I suggested putting a mention out on the radio to her, thanks to the advice of a random passer by, and taking it to the vets.  I'm guessing that's what she did - I hope it gets back to its owner alright.

My friends and I went to the pub this evening to hang out since one of them had just come back from Ireland.  He said that he and his friends had lunch today at a place called the White Cross ... a place which has a deeper meaning to me.  You see, about a year ago now, when I first joined the theatre, I met a lovely girl.  Now, I have nothing against gays and lesbians, but this girl was into me the second I hugged her goodbye.  I had to tell her that as much as she was a friend to me, I personally wasn't that way inclined.  Instead of saying "oh, ok then" she continually texted me through the space of 2 days - every half an hour, she would text me asking me if I was alright when I didn't reply.  In the end, I had my friend text her and ask her to stop harassing me with weird stalkerish texts and deleted her number.  Significance with her being, she works at the White Cross... If I were to go in, she would recognise me and the whole scenario could start again...

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