Thursday, 6 October 2011

No Dragons

We had a lecture today on Ruskin - great guy, shame he has a major tendency to waffle a lot.  Having said that, he's still a major figure who revolutionised the way in which we think today.  Whilst reading his passage on Venetian Architecture, my friend Kirsty, sitting next to me, announced "there's no dragons in it - I'm bored!"  To be fair, Ruskin does have an amazing ability to send people to sleep; especially students it seems.

With the flatmate situation - I did a stupid thing a few days back that I'm really regretting now.  There's this girl who lives downstairs and after my boyfriend left, I was feeling really homesick and was nervous about my new flatmates returning.  So I talked to the girl and asked her advice and asked how to get on with them.  There was a lot of crying involved whilst I basically had a breakdown of confused emotions.  Next day, my flatmate and I are walking to uni and we bumped into the girl from the other day.  I told my flatmate I'd catch her up whilst I talked privatley with the girl.  I told her that I'd confronted my flatmates in the end and we'd all screamed at each other and I didn't know what to do. So she told me I didn't have a choice - I'd have to find a way to get on with them.  She and I agreed to come up with some lie in order to avoid having to ever say anything to my flatmates about having asked for their advice and so I ran off to catch my flatmate up. 

Instead of keeping my mouth shut, I told my flatmate her friend had an accident and had broken her leg or something and I was making sure she was alright.  I thought that'd be the end of it, but the other night, they were downstairs talking to the girl and I don't know what was said - I spent most of my time in my room.  My other flatmate this evening asked me how the "lasses leg was" - I didn't know what to say.  So I followed on the lie with a vague "dunno, haven't spoken to her since, it's probably on the mend" and she asked "how did it happen?  So again, keeping up with the lie, I said "I dunno" and sighed.  I told the girl downstairs that I'd sorted everything with my flatmates but the lie seems to have gotten out too late... I really hope they aren't onto me - they'll be so mad.  Why did I just not call up one of my close friends?  Why her?  I knew my flatmates would end up chatting with her.  I feel really scared right now.  I don't know what to do ...

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